Made for your Mac. Converts PDF files into Microsoft® Word .docx), Rich Text Format .rtf), or plain text files .txt). Extract data to Excel .xlsx Reflow. Nov 5, Have you ever received a PDF file that you would like to convert to a Word DOC or DOCX format? Typically this is necessary when you have. Oct 19, Being able to convert PDF to Word on Mac is often a necessity if you want to easily edit a PDF document. Even though PDF documents are.

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    Pdf To Word Mac

    Dec 2, Best Ways to Convert PDF File to Word on Mac. Last updated on January 10, by Alice Wang. Convert PDF to Word on Mac. PDFs are the. PDF to Word Free lets you quickly and easily convert PDF files to Microsoft Word document, and preserves original formatting well. So you can easily edit or. Jun 29, Agree or disagree, working with a PDF document on a Mac isn't that easy compared to handling other types of files such as Word or Pages.

    Typically this is necessary when you have PDF that you want to edit the contents of a bit, maybe a resume or a thesis, but of course the PDF could be more complex. Very low tech, right? But guess what, it can work! Sometimes this works great, sometimes it does not work great, it largely depends on the PDF file you are attempting to copy and grab text from. Unfortunately the biggest flaw to this Adobe solution is there is no trial run or testing ability, you have to pay before you can figure out if it works or not. These are never particularly cheap solutions, but fortunately many of them include free trial versions so that you can do a test run to determine if they will work for your needs. In a few tests with various PDF files, this solution works very well to extract all data from a PDF and turn it into rich DOCX file formats, but, as is very common with this type of file conversion, the precise formatting of a document is often lost for complex layouts. This is far superior many of the other PDF conversion tools out there, and with fairly simple PDF documents the output is nearly perfect. It also has the benefit of not requiring internet access or a web browser, since the app is native on the Mac. You really need to give a good look at the PDF export document to determine if the resulting contents are satisfactory, for a stylized PDF file you may notice some letters and characters missing, but the gist of the text is there, as in this example below:.

    Agree or disagree, working with a PDF document on a Mac isn't that easy compared to handling other types of files such as Word or Pages.

    That's why we often want to convert PDFs into Word docs and make them editable. Well, it depends. Factors like whether it's a scanned PDF, whether it contains sensitive data, whether you want to do this in batch, etc.

    Convert PDF to Word - SimplyPDF

    In this article, we are listing all of the methods and guides. Each method has its own pros and cons, it's up to you to choose which way to go based on your preference.

    Automator, one of Mac's pre-installed apps, is originally developed to build custom workflows to perform various tasks. Many of you may don't know that the app can actually convert a PDF file into an editable document.

    All you need to do is open Automator find it in Applications or Launchpad , select Workflow and load the PDF file you want to convert, specify desired output format and the app will turn your PDF text into plain or rich text format.

    This is one of our favorite methods. Google Drive is very powerful and convenient to deal with documents as well as for work collaboration purposes. One of its features is to convert PDF file to Word document.

    Also, it supports Optical Character Recognition, a technology that enables you to extract texts from a scanned PDF or image.

    If you your document is a scanned PDF or image, be sure to check off an option in Settings before you upload your file for conversion.

    Quick Guide to Converting PDF to Word for Mac OS X

    That's it. You should have tried or heard about online PDF to Word converters, we have to warn you though, some are pretty bad especially those services that don't have any privacy policies or disclaimers. Unlike the previous programs introduced, this one is specialized in PDF editing.

    It has a very simple, minimalistic and user-friendly interface.

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    But it contains many awesome tools, including comment, highlighting, cropping, OCR, etc. Download the program on your computer. Virtually, all important documents are now sent as PDFs.

    Adobe Document Cloud

    If your work involves using PDFs and you need to make sure you have the best way to manage and convert them, which works quickly and easily, every time. The main disadvantage of the PDFelement is that you cannot do batch conversions. It can only allow you to convert one PDF file to Word at a time. Rating: 4.

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